Our olive oils are 100% Extra Virgin, Estate Grown & First Cold Press.  Extra Virgin indicates that the oil has less than .04% acidity.  Estate Grown indicates that only oil from our ranch (estate) is in the bottle.  We do not add olive oil or oils from other growers or imports.  First Cold Press indicates that the oil pressed from our olives is milled without heat extraction, chemicals or solvents.  There is a lot of fraud in the olive oil industry especially in olive oils imported from foreign sources.  We do not order olive oil online & pour it into our bottles.  Our olives are handpicked, first cold pressed by a local master blender, chemically analyzed to be 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Then we personally hand bottle, seal & foil cap each bottle here at our ranch in the beautiful rolling hills of California's Central Coast surrounded by vineyards.  Our olive oils are artisanal in quality as they are hand crafted.


Arbequina olive oils are known for their fresh grassy flavor with a moderate peppery finish.  We harvest our arbequina olive when ripe which gives our oil a delicious mellow flavor.  It is great for sauteing or grilling vegetables or meats as well as drizzling over salad greens or pasta.  It makes an excellent bread dipping sauce


Lucca is a wonderfully robust yet smooth olive oil with a strong peppery finish.  It is a populat choice at our olive tasting events & normally retails at three times the price.  Like the arbequina it can be used for sauteing or grilling meats & vegetables, drizzled over salads, vegetables or pasta.  It makes a wonderful bread dipping sauce.


Our mission olive oil has a distinct robust flavor & is delicious when added to Italian pasta sauces or in any dish that requires s robust grassy olive oil flavor.  Spice up your marinara sauce even if it comes from a bottle or can from your grocer.  It's strong flavor is not recommended for dipping or salads unless you like a strong flavor.

Harvest Blend

Harvest Blend is a combination of our three varietals:  Arbequina, Lucca & Mission.  It is also a very popular choice at our olive tasting events.  It can be used for sauteing meats & vegetables, drizzled over salads, veggies or pasta & is a good bread dipping sauce especially when paired with a high quality balsamic vinegar, herbes & spices.

Olive Oil, Balsamic Dip, & Drizzling Sauce

Dip & Drizzle Sauce

Our delicious olive oil is combined with flavorful fig balsamic vinegar & a salt & sugar free proprietary gourmet blend of Tuscan herbs & spices.  It is great drizzled over salads, veggies or used as a marinade or aperitif bread dipping sauceA Touch of GarlicA Touch of Garlic is our arbequina olive oil infused with Essential Oil of Roasted Garlic.  It makes a wonderful bread & vegetable dip as well as enhancing any recipe where a delicate blend of garlic & olive oil is desired.A Touch of Orange  A Touch of Orange is made from adding the Essential Oil of Orange to our Arbequina Olive Oil.  It is delicious when paired with Brie Cheese, used as a salad dressing, drizzled over fish.

Gift Baskets

We have gift baskets available for purchase.  The prices depend on the container or basket & the number of bottles of oil included.  Packing materials & shipping is an extra charge.

Single Gift Boxes

We also make gift boxes.  We have a black single bottle gift box which comes with a hand made bow & hand crafted gift card.  These sell for $15 with one bottle of oil or $20 with one bottle of Garlic infused, Orange infused or our Dip & Drizzle Sauce.  Packing materials & shipping is an extra charge.

Double Gift Boxes

We offer a beautiful 2 bottle gift box with 1 infused oil or dip and 1 olive oil varietal for$32.  These also include a large handmade bow & hand crafted gift card.  The price for 2 bottles of infused or dip is $35 & $30 for 2 bottles of oil.

Legacy infused oil is made from our harvest blend oil, with pure chipotle essential oils.